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Multiair Plus - Selfgrip Cut Sheets

The special No-Fil coating of Multi-Air Plus prevents build-up of dust and avoids premature clogging. In very fine grits, it can be used for final dry sanding operations before spraying without the risk of runs. Self-grip fixing for easy application and removal from sanding block.
  • Attachment : Selfgrip
  • Backing material : Light Paper B/C
  • Multiair Plus - Selfgrip Cut Sheets Sanding
Features & Benefits
  • The advanced No-Fil® coating both prevents the build-up of dust and avoids premature clogging. In very fine grits, it can be used for final dry sanding before spraying
  • Patented Norton ceramic grain is blended with premium heat-treated aluminium oxide to deliver a very high cut rate that lasts up to twice as long as conventional abrasives and imparts a consistent, uniform scratch pattern
  • A unique fibre-reinforced latex paper backing adds to the flexibility and makes the cut sheets tear-resistant in all the applications
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Industry
    • Body shop repair
  • Materials
    • Paint & Varnish
  • Machines
    • Manual application
    • Orbital Sander
    • Manual application
    • Floor Saws
  • Applications
    • Sanding
70 WIDTH (mm)
Buy OnlineBuy OnlineProduct data sheetDIMENSIONS (MM)Length (mm)No.of holesSubshapeGritColourPack quantity (pc)Masterbox (pc)Art. No.
70x12512518 holesPerforated cut sheets80Blue5020069957394456
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets120Blue5020069957394457
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets150Blue5020069957394458
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets180Blue5020069957394459
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets220Blue5020069957396408
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets240Blue5020069957394460
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets320Blue5020069957394461
12518 holesPerforated cut sheets400Blue5020069957394462
70x19819851 holesPerforated cut sheets80Blue5020069957394470
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets120Blue5020069957394472
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets150Blue5020069957394473
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets180Blue5020069957394474
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets220Blue5020069957396410
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets240Blue5020069957394475
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets320Blue5020069957394477
19851 holesPerforated cut sheets400Blue5020069957394478
70x42042068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets80Blue5020069957394463
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets120Blue5020069957394464
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets150Blue5020069957394465
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets180Blue5020069957394466
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets220Blue5020069957396406
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets240Blue5020069957394467
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets320Blue5020069957394468
42068 holesRectangle perforated cut sheets400Blue5020069957394469
115 WIDTH (mm)
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