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Non-Abrasives Burrs # - X-Treme

New “Dtech” cutting edges & high performance Xtrem range brings innovation to the Norton Carbide burr offering. This new extended line of carbide burrs covers a variety of teeth and cutting shapes providing optimum adaptation to the key characteristics of various application materials.
  • X-Treme - Burrs Shaping
Features & Benefits
  • ‘DTECH’ Double cut EXTRA style, coated with TiLAN (titanium aluminium nitride for better sliding characteristics
  • Reduced heat generation on the workpiece
  • Excellent chip removal and reduced wear of teeth
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Industry
  • Materials
    • Steel
    • Non-Ferrous
  • Machines
    • Power Drill
  • Applications
    • Shaping
BURR-A Burrs shape
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BURR-C Burrs shape
BURR-D Burrs shape
BURR-F Burrs shape
BURR-G Burrs shape
BURR-H Burrs shape
BURR-L Burrs shape
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