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Norton NorBevel Burrs

Norton now offers two new machines, both compact and ergonomic, one electric and the other pneumatic to make bevelling and rounding metal easier, faster, more accurate and more cost effective. The NorBevel concept has been designed for heavy-duty bevelling and radius work, bevelling up to a depth of 12mm.
  • Norton NorBevel Burrs Shaping
Features & Benefits
  • Better working conditions Lightweight and almost vibration-free. The chips are large enough to immediately drop to the ground. No hazardous dust particles and/or combustion gases are released
  • A more consistent and accurate angle NorBevel-6 and NorBevel-12 machines provide a more consistent and accurate angle to the metal for a stronger welded joint
  • No finishing and no discoloration: a perfect end result straight away, without finishing. Discoloration is prevented through reduced-sparking machining that adds hardly any heat to the material
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Industry
  • Materials
    • Steel
    • Non-Ferrous
  • Machines
    • Power Drill
  • Applications
    • Shaping