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Cost Efficient Grinding of High Quality Shank Tools

With the Q-Flute 2, Q-FluteXL, FlutePolish, V-PRO, and V-PRIME grinding solutions, Saint-Gobain Abrasives makes the grinding of flute, points and clearance angles of shank tools possible, whilst providing cost efficiency advantages along the way.

Q-Flute Diamond Grinding Wheels

Since its introduction, the Q-Flute2 diamond grinding wheel has impressed with its 25 percent increase in feed rates in grinding carbide and HSS tools - compared to like-for-like competitor tools. Now, further development in the form of the Q-FluteXL augments our Q-Flute2, providing the ideal supplement for all applications.

Tools from the Q-FluteXL product family can be optimally adapted to each customer application via variable binding components, as well as different grain specifications. With the different variants and the ever-growing and changing challenges of modern flute grinding wheels, the Q-FluteXL range can provide a solution.

Q-FluteXL tools can be dressed on the production machine using the Norton Winter Diamond Dressing System - DDScut. In addition to bespoke special solutions, we can offer quick delivery of stored products and customised grinding wheels from the semi-finished parts.

Q-Flute from Norton

Optimum Rounding off the Complete Program

Norton Winter offers the FlutePolish program for shank tools that require optimised chip removal, for example, in the machining of light metals. These special grinding wheels have an elastic binding, which adapts to the groove to be machined with greater flexibility and thus produces an exceptional polished finish.

The product range is supplemented with diamond and cBN grinding wheels for honing and clearance angle grinding. Norton Winter V-PRIME diamond grinding wheels have even more stable edges than the already successful V-PRO predecessors.

The combination of the optimised free grinding behaviour and form holding makes it a cost-effective solution that at same delivers a much higher quality finish. This therefore results in a reduction of fixed costs per work piece and an increase in profitability.

To find out more about the wide range of solutions available from Norton Abrasives, download our Norton Winter tool range catalogue or contact our Norton Experts today.