Norton Clipper TR232L Tile Saw | Norton Abrasives

Cutting floor tiles with Norton Clipper

Here we can see Kevin Bisson, Technical Account Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, cutting floor tiles with the Norton Clipper TR232L tile saw and the Norton Clipper Extreme Ceramic Turbo 230mm diamond blade.


SGA image


Ideal for cutting larger floor and wall tiles up to 1200mm long, the Norton Clipper TR232L tile saw comes with transport wheels and foldable legs, making it extremely easy to move between jobs and effortless to store. The machine features a heavy-duty rail and a side extension to accommodate the larger tiles. There is a tilting head for achieving perfect mitre cuts from 0-45°, a cutting guide for precise angular cuts and clamps to keep your tiles in place while cutting. The table and clamps are rubber-coated for extra security throughout operation.

In this video, Kevin uses the Norton Clipper TR232L with a 230mm Extreme Ceramic Turbo diamond blade. At 1.4mm thick, the blade it very fast and accurate and also reduces material wastage, improving your operation. The reinforced flange on the steel centre helps to keep the blade straight without causing damage to the tile, offering a better finish than alternative blades. In addition, premium diamond grade and a soft cutting metal bond make the blade ideal for cutting even the hardest tile, while a 10mm continuous rim achieves longer-lasting cutting, achieving cost efficiencies through less frequent changeover.

As you can see in the video, the Norton Clipper TR232L tile saw with the Extreme Ceramic Turbo diamond blade achieve an excellent finish, allowing you to get the job quickly and easily without compromising quality. Contact us now or speak to your local sales representatives to find out more.