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Cutting pebbledash and brick with Norton Clipper

Kevin Bisson, Technical Account Manager, Saint-Gobain Abrasives, shows us how to cut pebbledash and brick with the Norton Clipper CM42 masonry saw and the Norton Clipper 4x4 Explorer and Extreme Universal Silencio diamond blades: 


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In this video, Kevin demonstrates the compact and portable Norton Clipper CM42 masonry saw. Stable and durable, it comes with a long reinforced frame and a wide conveyor cart that can easily accommodate a 600x600mm patio slab. For added safety, the machine features tilted wheels and an anti-pivoting and locking system, while the kill switch is conveniently located next to the handle so you can stop the machine in any circumstance. 

The head of the CM42 can be plunged for step cutting using the ergonomic handle, or locked in place for a specific depth of cut. The machine features a high accuracy cutting guide with per-degree angular setting so that you can make the most precise cuts. It also comes with transport wheels and sprung-folded legs, making it extremely portable and easy to store. 

With a 400mm diamond blade, you can achieve a cut depth of 135mm; more than enough for average bricks, blocks and paving slabs. The Norton Clipper Pro 4x4 Explorer is a multipurpose diamond blade that cuts all materials with fast action and improved safety. The blade features a 12mm high laser-welded segment to prolong its lifecycle, while the patented trapezoid-shaped segments offer a more comfortable and smoother cut with reduced vibration levels compared to other similar blades on the market. The cut depth indicator on the steel centre and specially engraved wear indicators on the segment offer better visibility, while patented drop-shaped gullets prevent fatigue cracks. 

Winner of 10 innovation and safety awards, Norton Clipper Extreme Universal Silencio is our premium cutting silent diamond blade. With 15mm laser-welded segments, it also comes with a noise dampening layer sandwiched between two sheets of steel to absorb the cutting vibrations and sound of the product when in use. Our patented offset gullets prevent whistling around the diamond blade to further reduce noise. Our quietest blade, it can decrease noise by up to 15 decibels whilst still delivering a fast and efficient cut compared to conventional blades and should be considered when working in areas sensitive to noise such as schools, hospitals residential areas and city centres or anywhere with regulations preventing excessive noise. 

Both blades offer an extremely clean cut with a high quality finish on the Norton Clipper CM42 masonry saw. Contact us now or speak to your local sales representatives to find out more about our machines and blades.