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How to Build a Cabin Bed for Kids: the EASY TUTORIAL!

Cabin bed for your child: the EASY TUTORIAL!

Has your child grown up and it's time to change their bed for a bigger and more fun one? Make a cabin bed!

Cabin bedIf you don't want to compromise between:
  • The decorative aspect of the bed;
  • The fun side for your child;
  • The solidity and the certainty that your child will not fall out of it;
  • And the space saving in the bedroom... Norton has the PERFECT DIY solution!
You can opt for a cabin bed! With this kind of bed, the transition to a larger bed will be done with education and fun. And above all at a lower cost!
Not only will this cabin bed be very comfortable to help your child get a good night's sleep, but during the day, they can develop their imagination and use it as a cabin during these play times (and of course a bed during nap time)!
A 2-in-1 cabin bed, economical and made in a short amount of time!

  • Norton 240 grit sanding sheets
  • Sanding discs for 240 grit sander (diameter 125 or 150)
  • 4 cleats (I took 44x44 of 2M40 in length)
  • 1 jigsaw (manual saw, or circular saw on stand is best)
  • 1 sander (circular saw with a sanding disc)
  • Fasteners adapted to the cleats (screws or nails)
  • Optional: Wood paint in the colour of your choice



1. Cutting the cleats
tasseaux de bois pour lit cabane

Measure your cleats and cut them according to the desired size of the cabin bed (70x140 bed in our case)

Once all the cuts have been made, it is essential to sand all the cleats well to remove all the rough edges. This will prevent wood residues that catch the laundry or splinters!


Bed assembly

Assemblage du lit cabane

  • Start by assembling the sides of the cabin bed as shown in red in the photo.
  • Be careful to fix the sides of the cabin bed on the bar which serves as a height
  • Then assemble the sides of the bed. 


Optional: Paint the cabin bed if you wish.



And that's all ! You just have to add the box spring, the mattress and their favourite soft toys before revealing the new cabin bed to your child! ;)