How to Get a Smooth Paint Finish on Cars

When working in car bodyshops, Norton Ice Q255 foam backed discs are ideal for super fine finishing after spot repairs on car paint and dents and preparing the car panel for polishing.  

Q255They are available in three colour codes each representing a grit:




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Benefits of using Norton Ice Q255:

  • Colour coding makes it easy to choose the correct grit
  • Leaves a uniform and smooth surface finish
  • Lower scratch depth for a high quality finish
  • Washable and reusable
  • Long lasting
  • Resistant to clogging as mesh foam has more open space between grains for dust to go into
  • The ability to use by hand makes it ideal for finishing under handles and hard to reach areas
  • Flexible structure to mould to contours and curves

When to use Norton Ice Q255:

The Norton Ice Q255 foam backed discs are used for surface preparation after repairing defects and scratches on paint, by blending any bumps and creating a uniform, smooth finish on the car panel before polishing and applying gloss.

It’s generally used for the following two applications:

  • Refreshing the panel before polishing
  • On a new panel or when blending following repairs before polishing


Choosing the right grit

Choosing which grit depends on the paint condition and level of bumps following the defect repair.

Here’s a guide to choosing the right grit for the application:

Grit size Application

For larger defects and areas as it’s more aggressive with coarser grits.

For blending on old paint to give it a more uniform finish, especially if there is a new panel next to it. 
2000 and 3000

Use on fresh paint as it’s more sensitive

For blending and refreshing after slight gloss damage and scratches following a car wash. 

CarSuitable materials:

  • Clear coat
  • Paint
  • Acrylic paint
  • Varnish
  • Laminate
  • Aluminium


How to use:

Recommended use:

  • Wet, especially areas larger than 20cm2.
  • With soft interface without holes. If you use a sander, use it without vacuum.

The Norton Ice Q255 discs can be used dry for small areas.

Keep in mind if the discs are used on fresh paint and without water, it will become clogged faster but the discs can be washed and use again.

Further information

For any further information, get in touch with our Norton experts.

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