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Keep sharp when it comes to safety

Sharpening Stones are very effective when used correctly. Following these simple guidelines will make sure that you use them safely and effectively.


Sharpening blades, knives, and other tools


There is nothing more impractical than a dull blade. With these simple steps you can restore their sharpness easily and safely.


Step 1
Place knife or blade diagonally across stone and tilt heal of blade 15 – 35° to meet factory bevel angle.


Step 2
Holding wrists rigid, draw across and down from heel to tip of knife blade.
Step 3
Alternate blade sides until sharp. Do not be overly concerned about the grinding angle, but do control the consistency of the angle throughout the sharpening


Sharpening chisels


Step 1
First flatten the face by guiding blade across stone length using long, oval strokes until you have a uniform surface and finish.


Step 2
Establish the angle of the bevel. Holding wrists rigid, move the blade forward down the length of the stone using the whole stone width, applying pressure only in the forward motion.


Step 3
Remove excess by lightly stroking the stone against the cutting edge of the chisel.



Sharpening curved general tools


Step 1
Clamp tool handle in vice or hold by the handle.


Step 2
Apply stone at an angle parallel with bevel edge.


Step 3
Stroke in small circular motions on one side of the blade and then the other.


Knife sharpener




Step 1
Place the sharpener on a flat surface and position the knife’s edge against the stone at a 45° angle, as shown in the diagram.


Step 2
Apply slight pressure, move the knife back and forth in a saw-like movement, so that the knife’s cutting edge slides on the stone. Allow the sharpener to roll freely during this operation. Repeat the motion 10 to 15 times on each side of the cutting edge.


Step 3
To obtain a cutting edge similar to that of a blade follow the above steps and then slide each side of the blade two more times, this time applying less pressure with a very gentle motion.


Selecting the right product



Sharpening Stone 

Dual Sharpener

Curved Blade Sharpener

Handy Sharpener

Garden Tool Sharpener

Small Tool Sharpener

Knife Sharpener


Ideal for all household and garden knives, blades and tools. 

Ideal for all household and garden knives, blades and tools with curved edges. 

Ideal for all household knives, blades and tools. 

For all garden knives, blades and tools. 

Can be used on all small knives, utility blades and tools. 

For sharpening all types of kitchen knives. 


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