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Norton Multi-Air Cyclonic Qashqai Case Study

Norton Multi-Air Cyclonic Competitor Test

Bodyshop Fix Auto Brighton put their sanding sheets which they use on a daily basis to test with our Norton Multi-Air Cyclonic.

They wanted to review their current sanding sheet and whether Norton Cyclonic would reduce time down per job versus their current product and to test the life of the abrasive. They had a Nissan Qashqai which had been vandalised with deep scratches all around the vehicle (except roof and bumpers). This had to be sanded out using Norton’s Step 2 Red disc and finished off with the step 3 primer sanding disc before being ready to paint.

They used in total 5 discs to sand the vehicle compared to 20 discs that would have been used compared to the competitor disc. It took in total 2 hours for this job to be prepped before paint compared to the 3 hours it would have taken normally. That meant not only did they save money on the abrasives but also earnt money on labour saving.


The following are statements which the owner and his staff pointed out to us:

  • “Less waste. If the disc is part used you can replace onto our dispensers for the next person to use rather than being thrown on the floor or bin.”
  • “Perforated rolls reduce time in cutting compared with competitor’s strips you need to use scissors.”
  • “Cyclonic Dust extraction performs as well as net abrasives.”
  • “Colour coded dispenser makes it easy to identify and place relevant steps in different areas of the work shop. i.e. one dispenser in panel bay and one dispenser in paint prep bay. No confusion in what abrasives should be used in which area.”


It was certainly an obvious choice with which sanding sheets the bodyshop were going to use moving forward! The Multi-Air Cyclonic is the complete sanding solution with 4 easy sanding steps.  It consists of Norton’s latest dust extraction technology that will extract 25% more dust compared to conventional multi-hole sanding discs.

It is made up of ceramic grain that provides sharper cuts with consistent scratch patterns. As the discs are flatter they allow for closer sanding with faster cut rates which helps to increase productivity and minimise sanding time. As shown above the unique hole pattern will increase productivity compared to others!

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