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Norton provides cost saving solutions with Vitrium3

Case Study on Large Blade Grind on Industrial Gas Turbine Component

This study shows how Norton Winter has been able to help a large manufacturer of aerospace & industrial gas turbine components (blades, vanes & segments); by helping to maintain their quality whilst reducing their spend.

The main purposes of the case study were to test the bonded wheels in order to reduce their current cycle time and increase the wheel life whilst reducing the abrasive cost per part.

Product Introduction
Ni alloy Blade

Machine/application Information

Blohm Profimat 3-axis, 8% emulsion coolant


Product  Wheel Information

Poros2  01_500x50x127 &  Vortex1  01-500X20x127-IPA80EH17VTX are the existing products

Vitrium3  01_500x50x127 & Vortex2 01-500X20X127- IPA80EH17VTX2  are the products being tested.


Part information

Blade IGT (Industrial Gas Turbine)


Cycle information

Grind Shroud face and slots


The key results from the study showed the following

  • Based on 1680 parts for 2017/2018 only, the hard saving generated would be £15,429
  • The machining cost reduction annually would be £28,000
  • 67 fewer wheel changes annually, which would be a saving of £6,700 based on £100 per hour machine cost plus 67 hours machine time.
  • A saving of 10 minutes per part will also free up 280 hours annually.
  • The abrasive cost per part has reduced from £25.59 to £16.45


The total annual savings approximately of £50,000


Product Solution

With the post validation, the newer products will be ordered for this process - (Vitrium3 to replace Poros2 & Vortex2 to replace Vortex1). This was a great improvement and the new solution for the company as it increased the wheel life, reduced the cycle time and with a substantial annual saving!


Vitrium3 super strong bond utilised less bond-to abrasive ratio to expose a larger grain surface area. This enables the wheel to cut freely, improving cutting rate, making it the perfect solution for difficult profiles and small batches at a low cost, without the use of ceramic grain.

Moreover, with the elimination of Poros2 results in no naphthalene being used in the production process, (naphthalene which is carcinogenic and has harmful effects), would now be eradicated as Vitrium3 does not contain this.

Vortex2 is a 3D engineered grain spacing, highly porous and has a permeable structure. The interconnected open porosity is a key advantage providing excellent coolant access on difficult to grind and heat sensitive nickel based alloys.

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