Stripping & Cleaning a VW Beetle using a Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Disc

Case Study: Stripping & Cleaning a VW Beetle

Abrasive Disc User: Dave Dunham, Auto Refurb, Nuneaton
Tool Used: Right angle grinder
The Situation: Respraying a 1974 VW Beetle
Abrasive Disc Task: To strip and clean a VW Beetle; removing many layers of paint, rust and corrosion.

Abrasive Disc Action: Dave used the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip Disc to strip and clean the entire body of the VW Beetle (including the grills and tyre wells!).
The Blaze Rapid Strip Disc from Norton Abrasives enabled Dave to remove rust and paint extremely quickly.
Result of using Blaze Rapid Strip Disc: Usually, car body shops use fibre discs or sand blasters to strip cars of paint and rust. This is not necessary when you have a Blaze Rapid Strip Disc. This is perfect abrasive disc for:
  • Heavy duty paint removal
  • Rust removal
  • Corrosion removal
cleaned roof of vw beetle paint stripped from vw beetle grill
paint stripped from vw beetle norton blaze rapid strip disc used
Using Norton Blaze Rapid Strip, Dave effectively stripped the entire car of multiple layers of paint, rust and corrosion. Better yet, he only had to use one disc to complete the entire job.
Additionally, Dave was also then able to use the Blaze Rapid Strip disc for another job, demonstrating the incredibly long life of the product.
Due to the disc’s flexible construction, the grills and the tyre wells of the car could be stripped without any gouging.
Dave from Auto Refurb swiftly ordered another batch of Blaze Rapid Strip discs as he was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the product.

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