Vitrium3 Case Study | Norton Abrasives

Vitriumᵌ bonded wheel trial test against competitor wheel


A key aerospace manufacturer in the UK had tested the Norton Vitriumᵌ against their current bonded wheel.

Their current wheel containing naphthalene, which is burnt out during the firing process is carcinogenic and harmful. Saint-Gobain has been developing new products to eradicate the use of naphthalene in the manufacturing process - Vitriumᵌ for example.


The outcome of the study showed the following:

  • Total dress per part reduced from 1.56 to 0.63
  • Estimated parts per wheel increased from 53 to 133
  • Total cycle time from FIS decreased from 350 to 190
  • Amount of wheels annually would reduce from 29 to 12
  • Total cost of machining annually would reduce to almost 50%


As results show this is a clear improvement and the new solution to the company. There is 59.77% wheel life improvement and 45.77% cycle time reduction with Vitriumᵌ. As well as a substantial increase of wheel cost savings annually there are also the advantages of the health benefits and the product being environmentally friendly too. Saint-Gobain is the only company that has totally eradicated naphthalene in the bonded selection. 

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