Be first to the finishing line for weld removal with Norton abrasives! | Norton Abrasives | United Kingdom

Be first to the finishing line for weld removal with Norton abrasives!

Finish in pole position with Norton Abrasives; remove, blend and finish a weld seam before you can say 'Formula 1'!

There's no need for undercutting here, Norton flap discs grind at lightning speed, followed by the Vortex RapidBlend disc which removes surface scratches fast, ready for the finale - the Norton RapidBlend NEX 2SF.. the champion disc giving that smooth, mirror finish in no time... these discs aren't called 'Rapid' for nothing! 

Three steps really are all it takes to grind out, blend and finish a weld seam, and it's not just weld seams where these discs really help you motor though. Think bevelling, stock removal, spatter removal, deburring, refining, weld preparation, assembly.. there are hundreds of uses.  What's more, Norton products offer long disc life, a uniform finish and in the case of Vortex RapidBlend, more than one use; cutting like a fine grade flap disc and imparting a commercial finish, depending on how it's used, which is down to engineered grain inside the disc.
Don't be the backmarker, drive weld removal in the right direction and contact your Norton representative for more information today.  
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