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Car paint blending and fadeout with Norton BearTex Thinflex

Check how to use one of the most versatile abrasives available today to blend, fadeout and prepare a repair before painting. 

The Norton BearTex Thinflex 'non-woven' abrasive is made from nylon web infused with abrasive grain and is flexible, conforming to car body contours and curves for a really even finish. It's ideal to use after sanding with a dual action sander and disc as it can be folded without cracking, unlike sandpaper, so you can be sure to get a really even result in the smallest of corners, recesses and those important edges where paint can first start to crack. 
With a number of grades and shapes available, there's a Norton BearTex Thinflex option for every application; bare metal, primer, base coat or clear coat. Whilst all are considered 'fine grade' there are different grades of fine which are colour coded: 
  • Red colour is very fine, ideal for use before primer and can be used on primer too, it gives a light key to the surface and cleans and evens out the primer. 
  • Grey is ultra fine and perfect for surface blending and final scuffing the primer. 
  • Finally, the gold colour is micro fine, the finest of all grades and the last step in the process, finishing and blending clearcoat, particularly for pearl and metallic paints.
Norton BearTex Thinflex is available in sheets, rolls and discs and the grey and gold products can be used with compounds for even better paint adhesion.

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