Fall in Love with Norton Abrasives

Fall in Love with Norton Abrasives!

Are you ready to meet your abrasive match?

The Norton Vortex RapidPrep flap disc will be your one and only after just the first use!

Whether you're cleaning up bluing and burn marks left over by welding, light deburring, surface blending or conditioning, the Vortex RapidPrep prepares metal fast, first time. 
This isn't your regular flap disc. With layers of surface conditioning material, this 3D non-woven combines abrasive fabric embedded with Vortex grain, together with Clean Bond™ technology for a smear free finish. Gone are the days of needing three or four discs to do the job, with Norton Vortex it just takes one!
What's more, the flexible, cushioned non-woven absorbs tight curves and corners, leaving a seamless and homogeneous bright finish over the whole component piece. It's versatility means it's an essential part of the tool kit and as it's available in grades from coarse to very fine, offers a solution for whatever finish is needed.
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For more information on the Norton Vortex RapidPrep discs, or to try them for yourself, contact us.