How to choose the right abrasive for cordless angle grinders

In the final Live Session for 2021, Norton expert Paul Gray shows you what to look out for when selecting the right abrasive to optimize your angle grinder power and battery life. 

Cordless grinder technology has become more developed over the last few years with batteries lasting longer, meeting the needs of more demanding applications. 

Here Paul uses cutting discs with different thicknesses at 1.0mm and a 2.5mm thick. The cutting speed of the 1.0mm disc is faster and the power needed from the grinder is significantly less, with a better end result on the workpiece too, maximizing grinder efficiency. 

Next up, Paul tests grinding discs, with a conventional 6.4mm thick disc and the Norton Quantum3 Light Comfort Grinding (LCG) disc at 3.0mm thick. The LCG disc is lighter and contains ceramic grain, so uses less power and battery energy to start up and maintain rotational movement, meaning you get more life from the grinder and a better result on the part you're working on.
Also for grinding, Paul uses the new Norton BlazeX fibre disc on carbon steel, which is ideal for smaller weld removal jobs where it's important to maintain the integrity of the metal surface.  

For scale removal, the Rapid Strip products are tested - the conventional black Rapid Strip disc with aluminium oxide grain, and the Norton Blaze Rapid Strip, with 100% ceramic grain. Watch as the Blaze Rapid Strip glides through the surface quickly, removing surface scale. The faster the job is done, the less battery is used, enabling you to get more life from your cordless grinder. 

Finally, for surface blending and finishing, Paul uses non-woven abrasive discs. The a surface conditioning disc, and the Norton Vortex Rapid Blend disc which contains the special Vortex grain and as such, works faster, finishes the job quicker, again preserving battery life. This, combined with the Rapid Blend 2SF for fast polishing, gives a mirror finish results in super fast time. 

So the next time you're selecting the right abrasive for your cordless angle grinder, make the smart choice!