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How to prepare and mask a car before painting

Check how to correctly mask up and protect a car before it goes into the spray booth for painting. When you're preparing for painting, it's vital that you protect the areas of the car you don't want to get over spray on, to avoid additional rework later. 

First up, use Norton Plastifilm sheeting to cover the whole car. Plastifilm is easy to apply and adheres well to the surface of the car to create a barrier against the paint spray. 
When the car is covered, carefully cut out the area to be sprayed, leaving only the surface to be worked on exposed. Now it's time to seal the area and make it impossible for paint to seep through. We offer many different types of masking tape, each with different properties, for applying to different areas of the car. In the video you'll see three types of tape, from Norton Thin Tape for really intricate areas, to Norton Foam Tape, for sealing apertures between doors and under bonnets.  
Once the repair area has been sanded, filled and prepped and the car's ready to paint. We recommend to repeat the masking process before spraying the basecoat layer, for extra protection. When you're done spraying, carefully remove the tape and masking film. All Norton tapes are safe to use even in high temperatures inside the spray booth and won't leave residue on the surface when removed.
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