How to remove a weld on a car body with the Norton file belt kit | Norton Abrasives | United Kingdom

How to remove a weld on a car body with the Norton file belt kit

In this video we show you, step by step, how to grind and remove a weld on a car body using the Norton file belt machine and abrasive belts. With many repair jobs requiring metal working, whether in car restoration or repair, it's essential to have the right tools to get things done quickly and efficiently. With a file belt you can access corners and edges with ease without damaging the metal surface. 

First up, use the Norton Norzon file belt to take the weld down flat to the metal. The kit contains grit 60 and 80 so you can use whichever suits the job best, or use both in sequence. 

Once the weld is gone, you need to remove the paint from the surrounding area, which can be done with the Norzon belt and less pressure. We recommend using grit 60 for this part.

Inside the kit you'll find a coarse, medium and a fine Norton BearTex file belt. These are non-woven belts, designed to refine, blend and smooth the metal where the weld or spot weld used to be. They can be used in sequence from coarse to fine, for best results.  


The Norton kit includes the machine and abrasives and comes in a handy branded bag. 


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