How to repair scratches on a plastic bumper featuring Norton Cyclonic®

Check how to repair scratches on a plastic bumper using the Norton Cyclonic® system. 

First up, use the red colour Norton Cyclonic disc to sand the damaged surface. The Norton Cyclonic disc can be used with either the Norton DASP Sander or Multi-Air® sanding block. Once the bumper is sanded, apply the body filler for plastic and level it. Then use the green Cyclonic disc or strip from the pre-cut roll with the Norton DASP Sander or the Multi-Air® sanding block. To finish and smooth the dried filler use the red disc once more.
For hard to reach areas, use Norton Pro Plus Rotolo Foam in P600. It easily adapts to contours, folds and edges thanks to the foam backing.
Now it's time to use the salmon Norton Cyclonic disc with thin foam backing to blend and fade out the area.  After the repair area has been sanded, filled and prepped, the bumper is ready to paint. We recommend spraying on the filler before painting. 
Norton Cyclonic is a unique car sanding kit, colour-coded by application, for quick and easy product selection in the body shop, providing faster, cleaner and consistent sanding results prior to painting.


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