How to strip and blend metal on a car with the Norton mini grinder kit

How to strip and blend metal on a car with the Norton mini grinder kit

Using the Norton mini angle grinder kit, we show you how to remove metal and blend out the surface of your car body in two steps using Norton abrasive discs. From weld removal to blending, this kit comes with everything you need for fast car body repair on metal, including the pneumatic Norton mini grinder.  

Using the Norton Blaze abrasive disc, remove the weld, taking the excess metal down to the surface. The small diameter discs (50mm) are ideal for hard to reach areas, allowing surface removal even in corners. 

Refine the finish using the Norton Vortex RapidBlend disc, which is designed to smooth out the surface. 

The kit contains a number of discs in addition to those shown in the video. We've included the Blaze RapidStrip, BearTex High Strength discs and back-up pads so you can hit the ground running! The SpeedLokTM fixing system means disc changing is quick and easy, simply screw one disc off and another on and away you go. What's more, the grinder and abrasives come in a handy tool bag, for easy storage and transportation!


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