Introduction to the Norton Dual Action Sander - Pneumatic (D.A.S.P) | Norton Abrasives | United Kingdom

Introduction to the Norton Dual Action Sander - Pneumatic (D.A.S.P)

The Norton DA machine is small and mighty! 

It offers a compact, lightweight, comfortable sanding experience for all car bodywork, even when used over long periods of time. 

The air-powered sander has an RPM of 12,000 and a powerful start motor. The a soft rubber grip absorbs vibration providing excellent control and reduced fatigue while sanding. 
It’s available in 150mm diameter, and in two orbits; 5mm, and 2.5mm for finer sanding jobs and a consistent surface finish from beginning to end. The dust extraction system twists 30 degrees to avoid twisting the hose for great air flow and better dust extraction.
The sander works optimally with Norton Cyclonic Multi-Air® sanding discs, the latest abrasive technology for automotive repair for everything from removing paint and lacquer from metal to finishing and smoothing before painting.
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