Norton and Farecla Present Composite (GRP) Panel Sanding and Polishing | Norton Abrasives | United Kingdom

Norton and Farecla Present Composite (GRP) Panel Sanding and Polishing


In this live stream, we invite our colleagues from Farécla to join our abrasive expert Paul Gray to demonstrate composite panel preparation using Norton abrasives and Farécla compounds.

The composites industry is a global activity represented in various markets such as Transportation, Construction, Infrastructure, Marine, Sports & Recreation. As advances in the manufacture of composites and the materials used grow, so do the applications and uses of composites.

Composite parts are usually made using a mould. The gelcoat is applied to an already prepared mould surface and then backed with layers of reinforcement (usually glass fibre matting) and additional resin. All composite gelcoats must be sanded and polished to ensure they are smooth and finished to the required standard. The level of sanding and polishing depends on the method of laying used, gelcoat type, and the requirement of the component. Prepreg generally requires less work, whereas hand laying needs more steps. Harder gelcoats such as Epoxy will require further processing steps. Some components also demand a higher quality finish and therefore need more finishing steps.

The key to a great finish is the sanding process. Selection of the correct starting grit size and the steps following this are crucial in removing only the required amount of material whilst providing the perfect finish.

Norton Abrasives provides unique solutions to assist this process, from preparation and sanding with Norton discs to finishing and polishing with Farecla Profile.

Learn how to get the best finish on different composite materials, including Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP).