NORTON LIVE: #1: Abrasive Solutions for the Stainless Steel Fabricator

In this live stream, Norton expert Paul Gray explores a variety of abrasive solutions that are ideal for metal fabrication jobs. 


Stainless steel is a notoriously difficult material to work with due to its heat sensitivity, many different applications and specific finishing requirements.


Watch as Paul provides product demonstrations including removing burn marks and welds and then holds a question and answers session to help you perfect your metal fabrication skills. 




13:15 – Remove Burn (Norton Beartex High-Strength Disc)

19:00 -  Remove Welds (Norton Quantum™ Fibre Disc – with Back-up Pad)

25:37 – Finishing Weld Joint (Norton Vortex Rapid Blend – Medium grade)

32:20 – Extra Finishing (Norton Rapid Blend 2SF)

37:40 - Weld Removal and Finishing in tight areas (Norton Vortex Rapid Blend and 2SF for Finishing)

44:18 – Remove Scratches (Norton R929 File Belt)

44:33 – Blend Scratches (Norton File Belt)

51:00 – Finishing – (Norton Satinex Wheel)