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    DIY & Home Improvement

    Whether you’re a DIYer or professional tradesman, Norton has a range of products to help you work faster, reduce clean-up and provide better results.
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DIY & Home Improvement

If you want to do a really good job, then getting the preparation right is key. That's why we've developed a range of DIY products for all performance levels and functionalities. From cutting and grinding, stripping and sanding to cleaning and polishing of materials including wood, metal, plaster, plastic, paint, varnish, bricks, tiles... our abrasive products make the job of preparing walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, doors, furniture, windows, driveways, gardens and utensils… so much easier, so you can produce results to be proud of. Whether you’re a DIYer or professional tradesman working inside or outside the home, we have innovative products designed to help you work faster, reduce clean-up, provide better results and ultimately, save you time. With abrasive sheets, sponges, cutting and grinding discs, diamond products and sharpening tools, you can create a professional finish for any home improvement job at an affordable price. For the automotive enthusiast, we also stock a complete range of abrasives and polishing products designed to repair scratches and minor defects and restore bodywork to a high gloss shine at home.

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  • ne_small_sanding_block_finemedium_img_01
    Small Sponge

    Washable and reusable dual grit sponge. Ideal for curved and contoured wood surfaces

  • ne_large_sanding_block_img_01
    Large Sponge

    Dual grit sponge for sanding large and contoured surface areas

  • ne_dual_angle_block_fine_img_01
    Angled Sponge

    For contoured surfaces, corners and hard to reach areas

  • ne_contour_spongue_img_01
    Contour Sponge

    Flexible, washable and reusable for curves and contours. Two product pack

  • ne_pre-paint_dust_cloth_img_01
    Pre-Paint Dust Cloth

    For removing dust / particles from a surface, prior to varnishing and painting

  • straight cutting disc steel

    Straight cutting disc for steel and stainless steel applications

  • ne_cuttingoffwheel_41_stonepetrolsaw_img_01

    Straight cutting disc for stone applications

  • ne_cuttingoffwheel_27_steelinox_img_01

    Depressed centre grinding wheel for steel and stainless steel applications

  • grinding wheel for stone applications

    Depressed centre grinding wheel for stone applications

  • One product which cuts, grinds and finishes

    One product which cuts, grinds and finishes ALL materials

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