Our CS451 Floor Saw Range Drastically Reduces Hand-Arm Vibrations

Available in either electric or petrol models, the CS451 is built to be the most comfortable floor saw in the market. Whether you are working on small road repairs or an airfield, this floor saw’s anti-vibration technology makes it the most comfortable cutting experience around.

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Low Vibration Floor Saw

Reducing the potential for HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) or ‘white finger’ is a critical consideration in any operation that involves the use of large industrial machinery in the workplace. As part of Norton Clipper’s campaign to improve operator comfort in all products, the CS451 incorporates vibration absorbing handlebars that can be readily adjusted to cover the full spectrum of cutting depths. In our tests, we found that the anti-vibration technology reduces hand-arm vibrations by up to 40% when compared to a competitor product; a significant difference and one that the user will definitely notice.

CS451 Floor saw vibration dampening technology

Additionally, this floor saw has been designed in a way that optimises its weight distribution by the ergonomic positioning of its motor and water tank. Overall, this gives the machine a better balance and provides the user with greater control when in operation. All factors considered, a workforce equipped with the CS451 floor saw is likely to be more productive then if they were using a less advanced alternative.

The comfort enhancing features of the CS451 are particularly helpful to workers who are using the floor saw in outdoor applications (such as road cutting) where cold weather significantly increases the risk of developing vibration-related maladies. The fewer vibrations transferred to the operator, the fewer breaks that person needs from cutting, and the sooner your team can get the job done and move out of the cold!

Petrol, Electric, Wet or Dry

The CS451 floor saw is available in 4 models: petrol (CS451 P13), diesel (CS451 D7), and two electric models (CS451 E & CS451 ET). Product specifications of each model can be viewed in the 2019 Norton Clipper Catalogue.

Due to the nature of floor cutting, the job may be taking place in an isolated place and a water source may not always be in close proximity. That’s why each model (excluding CS451 ET) is fitted with a high capacity 25 litre water tank, which facilitates wet cutting when you can’t connect to the water mains.

If you specifically require an electric option, the CS451 E model should be your choice for wet cutting; with its optional water tank accessory and water hose connector, whilst for dry cutting, it’s the CS451 ET. One of the features that makes the ET such a smart choice for the dry cut, is the in-built dust extractor port. For the cleanest possible process, we highly recommend that this floor saw be used with our Norton Clipper CV360 Dust Extractor.

Why This Floor Saw is Ideal for Hire…

Particularly in the case of the electric CS451 models, if customers are looking to hire a professional floor saw, this machine fits the bill perfectly. Of course we would say that; as the company selling them! However, we’ll try to convince you:

  • Heavy-duty steel frame

    This machine is built to last. It has a highly durable frame that can take a lot of neglect and punishment, which is great because (let’s face it) hire customers don’t generally show equipment as much TLC as its owner.
  • Electric powered

    No refuelling costs and no servicing of the engine is required on an electric machine. In reality, this translates to fewer breakdowns, longer product life and smaller operation costs for both owner and user. All of these factors reduce overheads and boost profits.
  • Portability

    Include the additional wheel accessories and this floor saw becomes a highly portable machine. Hire customers will thank you for not spending too long transporting it to the area they need it and re-stocking when the machine returns, is much easier.

Recommended Diamond Blades for Floor Saws

The CS451 is a great floor saw and when paired with one of our recommended blades, the performance is exceptional.

Extreme Beton Silencio Diamond Blade -

If you are reducing vibrations, why not reduce the noise too? Winner of 10 innovation and safety awards globally, our Silencio diamond blades feature noise dampening technology reduces sound vibrations given off by product when in use. This floor saw will require the 450mm sized blade.

Extreme Asphalt Diamond Blade -

For use on asphalt, asphalt over concrete, and green concrete, this diamond blade will deliver excellent performance with any Norton Clipper floor saw; making it the ideal partner to the CS451 models. This unique laser welded blade is easy to use and guarantees an accurate cut. There is also a handy depth indicator to help monitor the life of the blade. The CS451 will require the 450mm diamond blade.

Visit us at BAUMA

If you would like to see our range of floor saws in person, then you can do so at the BAUMA trade show in April, 2019. The CS451 is just one of a huge collection of construction machines that will be featured on our stand. BAUMA is the largest trade fair in the construction industry; a truly unmissable event taking place in Munich, Germany between the 8th and 14th April. More information, including directions and tickets are available from the BAUMA website or alternatively, contact you Norton Clipper representative. We hope to see you there