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    Norton Winter has the experience and know-how to provide you with the state of the art technology for your prime wafer foundry application.
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    From ingot rounding, cropping and slabbing to wafer sawing, Norton Winter delivers the best-in-class product lines to increase manufacturing output.
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    From interleavers and DWDM filters to prisms, etalons and speciality components, Norton Winter’s expertise spans the full spectrum of Opto-Electronic and Telcoms applications and materials.
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    With involvement in data storage dating back to the 1960’s you can rely on Norton Winter to provide the highest precision solutions.
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    From boule shaping to wafer sawing, grinding, slicing and dicing



From wafer chip processing to read/write heads for hard disks, LED and opto-electronic component manufacturing, Norton Winter has been at the forefront of high-precision component manufacturing since the very beginning of the Electronics industry. With worldwide manufacturing, process development and engineering capabilities, Norton Winter is uniquely positioned to meet the technical requirements of the Electronics industry.              

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