The Norton Fire Pit

How to Build a Fire Pit with Norton Abrasives!

Keep warm this Autumn with the Norton Fire Pit! 

This October, our resident application engineer and all-round abrasives expert, Paul Gray, fabricates the perfect garden accessory for those cooler late summer nights. With just his trusty Angle Grinder, a few simple tools and, of course, Norton Abrasives, watch as we whip up a fabulous fire pit. 
From cutting to deburring, scale removal to weld removal, our brand new and easy-to-follow video takes you through each fabrication step to create a metal fire pit. You’ll find everything you need in our handy build guide, including the best Norton Abrasives products to achieve the perfect finish with your trusty right angle grinder.  

Whatever your application, if you use a right angle grinder, there’s a solution here at Norton Abrasives!

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wire brush

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