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Black Ice - Standard Sheets

Norton offers a wide range of paper, cloth & waterproof sheets for use in all commonly encountered industrial applications.
  • Backing material : Waterproof Paper A, Waterproof Paper B/C
  • Black Ice - Standard Sheets Finishing
Features & Benefits
  • Premium silicon carbide grain delivers a fast initial cut and imparts a consistent finish across the surface
  • The synthetic bond gives flexibility to the sandpaper, without cracking or curling, ideal when used on vehicle contours
  • Use with a sanding block on flat surfaces or by han, the extended grit range into higher grades is ideal for finer finishing applications
Products uses
  • Markets
    • Industry
    • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Materials
    • Carbon Steel
    • Wood
  • Machines
    • Manual application
    • Orbital Sander
  • Applications
    • Finishing
230 WIDTH (mm)
DIMENSIONS (MM)Length (mm)SubshapeGritColourPack quantity (pc)Masterbox (pc)Art. No.
230x2828Standard sheets80Black5050066261021180
28Standard sheets120Black5050066261021183
28Standard sheets180Black5050066261021185
28Standard sheets220Black5050066261021186
28Standard sheets240Black5050066261021187
28Standard sheets280Black5050066261021188
28Standard sheets320Black5050066261021189
28Standard sheets360Black5050066261021190
28Standard sheets400Black5050066261021191
28Standard sheets500Black5050066261021192
28Standard sheets600Black5050066261021193
28Standard sheets800Black5050066261021195
28Standard sheets1000Black5050066261021196
28Standard sheets1200Black5050066261021197
28Standard sheets1500Black505063642534713
28Standard sheets2000Black505063642534719
28Standard sheets2500Black505063642565497
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