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Rapid Blend Disc Preps Miniature Trains

Disc Reduces Production Time


CMD Engineering who are a manufacturer and supplier of miniature trains were looking to create a burr-free appearance on their mini trains as well as a pre-paint finish. To achieve this result they used Norton Rapid Blend finish discs.
Chris Dixon used a 4 1/2" angle grinder with the Rapid Blend disc to create the high shine. He used the disc with light pressure to remove 'Mill Scale' and to remove slight burrs from the laser cutting process on sheet steel. He also used the disc with firmer pressure to remove weld spatter, scratches and to gently radius edges on structural steel.
The results showed that the Norton Rapid Blend disc massively reduces production time as it can all be done in one go. Chris explained he normally would have to use a 120 grit flap disc followed by hand sanding to achieve a pre-paint finish. The outcome shows it refined and finished the steel to a very high shine.