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Supporting the UK Construction Industry Post-Pandemic

Construction industry

The UK construction industry is one of many industries impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A recent survey by CHAS* found that over 70% of construction companies experienced decreased turnover, and 80% had to postpone or cancel construction work. With many businesses now getting back on track, Norton Clipper is helping builders and contractors get the most out of their building equipment and manage their costs effectively to help recover to pre-pandemic levels.

Getting the most out of small construction equipment

To help tackle these challenges, Norton Clipper’s range of diamond blades can help construction workers get the most out of a job. Firstly, the colour-coded diamond blades help the user identify the right diamond blade for the material they’re cutting, so they get the best result quickly and safely. Using the correct blade saves time and money by not wasting it on an incorrect blade that fails to cut correctly and wears out quickly.

Segmented bladeAs well as selecting the correct colour coded diamond blade, operators need to make sure they’re choosing the most suitable rim for the material. If they choose a blade with an edge that’s not appropriate for the material, they may experience segment loss. Our guide to avoiding segment loss can help identify the possible causes and solutions to fixing segment loss.

Construction labourers can also make sure their diamond blades and other abrasive products last longer by using and storing them correctly. It’s vital to keep diamond blades in dry and frost-free conditions.

When storing cutting and grinding angle grinder discs, keep in mind the expiration date by rotating the older discs to the front and the newer discs to the back. As many operators know, cutting and grinding discs have an expiration date on the bore ring, which tends to be three years from the date of manufacture. Be sure to check the date stamp on the bore ring to see when it goes out of date:

V01 – January

V04 – April

V07 – July

V10 – October

For example, if the date stamp is V07/2022, the operative must use the wheel by July 2022.

Health and safety in construction are essential, so make sure to look at the recommended precautions for using diamond blades. Before using any construction tools and heavy machinery, make sure to disconnect any power before mounting the diamond blade or disc. Also, check for possible defects or damage, such as arbor damage or fatigue cracks.

By using and maintaining construction equipment, site labourers can get the most out of their performance and product life. To further maintenance tips, visit the Norton Abrasives Building & Construction YouTube playlist for a range of machine set-up and maintenance videos. To prolong the life of Norton Clipper machines even further, operators can identify the correct replacement part for their Norton Clipper machine by visiting the Spare Parts website.  

Managing building equipment costs

As well as guiding how to get the most out of construction equipment, the Norton Clipper range includes many budget-friendly options. The four quality tiers help construction workers identify the most suitable product based on performance and budget. 

Standard bladesIn 2021, Norton Clipper introduced a new range of entry-level diamond blades. This ‘Standard’ performance tier is aimed at construction workers on a budget or for those carrying out light to medium-duty building and maintenance tasks and doesn’t need heavier-duty blades, which are often more expensive. If the operator needs to use the diamond blade more frequently, they may decide that the Pro or Extreme tier better meets their needs for heavier use.

Suppose builders are looking for only one diamond blade to do multiple jobs. In that case, the grey colour-coded Norton Clipper 4x4 multi-materials blade can cut different materials, including bricks, concrete and abrasive materials. This multi-material blade can help save spending on multiple products when working with other materials. 

Similarly, a Norton Clipper Multipurpose cutting disc for various materials is ideal for cordless angle grinders. It reduces expenditure and saves time by using only one product and not wasting time using the incorrect cutting disc for the application. You can use Multipurpose cutting discs for multi-materials, so could use it like a porcelain cutting disc for cutting porcelain pavers. They are a great flexible option to keep on hand and in the work van.

Hire machinesConstruction equipment rental can help minimise costs and support profit margins. For those operators who would prefer lower up-front expenses, hiring may be a more suitable option if they only need a specific blade or construction site machine for a short period. 

If cash is tight, construction machinery hire is also an excellent way to try a machine or blade out before purchasing it. Over time, if the operator finds that they use it frequently, it may make more financial sense to buy it, with the confidence and trust that it can tackle the job.

Expert support

As well as providing how-to advice online for the building and construction sector, our team of Norton Clipper experts has seen an increase in support requests for home improvements during the pandemic. Please get in touch if you need any further support and product recommendations.

We worked closely with our dedicated range of distributors and authorised dealers. To help minimise any supply chain issues during the pandemic, Norton Clipper has been aiming to supply all its distributors fairly.