NORTON LIVE #3: Norton LCG and EasyTrim Flap Discs

Our abrasive expert Paul Gray shows the uses, features and benefits of two of our latest product releases the Norton Light Comfort Grinding (LCG) disc and the Norton EasyTrim flap disc. 

Both discs are designed to make grinding easier, more efficient and more cost effective. 

LCG At 3mm thick, the LCG wheel is lighter, offers more precision and lower vibration levels than its traditional 7mm counterpart grinding disc. This makes it ideal for users looking for speed, or who are grinding inside acute angles or on lighter welds. It also helps preserve battery life for users of cordless / battery powered angle grinders, taking less machine power to start up and maintain revolutions. 

LCG discs are available in: 

- 'Norton Quantum3' which uses high performance ceramic grain for more aggressive applications 

- 'Norton LCG' with aluminium oxide grain, which gives great performance at a lower price level 

- 'Norton Multi-Material LCG', made using silicon carbide grain, for use on a variety of materials including different metals, PVC, composites and stone. 

Norton EasyTrim Flap Disc 
The '2 in 1' disc has a backing that can be trimmed down to expose a new cutting surface, turning a 125mm into a 115mm disc. Just when you the product is worn out, the disc can be trimmed down giving a new grinding edge, extending the life of the product. In addition, each disc is colour coded by grit, making product selection easy. The disc is conformable and can be used in corners for great accessibility.