Norton Live Session 4: Blaze Rapid Strip & Vortex Rapid Blend

NORTON LIVE #4: Blaze Rapid Strip & Vortex Rapid Blend

In this Norton Live Stream, Paul Gray presents the Blaze Rapid Strip and Vortex Rapid Blend non-woven discs.

Norton Blaze is often referred to as the 'toughest stripper around' thanks to its ceramic grain, anti-loading properties and durability when removing paint, rust and scale from any metal, stone and even wood. That said, it has excellent versatility, the product itself is gentle enough to avoid gouging or damaging the surface underneath, stripping only the surface layer away, as Paul shows in the demonstration. The scratch pattern left behind creates a key for applying paint directly to the surface, or can easily be polished out with a blending disc. With its distinctive orange colour it's easily identifiable in each of it's many shapes and sizes.

Norton Vortex Rapid Blend is another star product thanks to its ability to deburr, blend and refine, cutting like a coarse disc whilst also finishing like a fine. The Vortex grain, tough nylon structure and CleanBond™ resin system combine to provide great results on stainless steel which can be seen in Paul's demonstration. Vortex Rapid Blend is available in many different sizes and attachments for use on different machines including angle grinders, mini grinders and