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Flyer - Diamond Blades - Silencio - 8123

Norton Clipper Silencio Diamond Blades Flyer - 8123

Defying everything you’ve heard before, the Norton Clipper Silencio family of diamond blades takes sound dampening to another level by reducing noise up to 15 dB(A).

Norton Clipper Construction Distribution Market Catalog – 7719

A full range of products for the construction market including abrasives, diamond blades, equipment, core drills and bits.

Norton Clipper Multi-Cut Diamond Blade Flyer - 8904

The perfect combination of performance and price on high-speed, masonry, and floor saws, the Norton Clipper Multi-Cut diamond blade has a long life and is reliable and fast cutting.

Safety - Coated Abrasive Belts Guide - 8876

Safety guide for coated abrasive belts. Read before mounting the product on the machine.