The Norton Clipper Product Line
  • Features-C914P_V2

    NEW Compact Push Saw

    Small repair jobs just got easier with the Norton Clipper C914P, designed for easy transportation, simple operation, and low maintenance.
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  • Features-SpeedCart

    Norton Clipper SPEEDY CART

    Find out why SPEEDY CART is the perfect accessory for cut-off machine users.
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  • Features-DiamondBlades

    Norton Clipper Diamond Blades

    See the new additions to the Norton Clipper line of asphalt diamond blades.
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  • Features-GC55

    GC55 Vacuum Solution

    The best early entry saw just got better with the new addition of a vacuum attachment system.
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Want to Talk to a Norton Rep?
Leave us your information and we’ll reach out.

Want to talk to a Norton rep?

Leave us your information and we’ll reach out.

  • Showcase-FullPrint-Blades

    Full Print Diamond Blades

    Check out the new technology.
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  • Showcase-VisualIdentitiy

    Visual Identity

    Bright, bold, and orange for high visibility on the job site.
  • Showcase-Packaging


    Color coded by material and clearly marked with our diamond tiering.
  • Showcase-Tiering


    Clear choice of three product performance levels.
  • Showcase-Displays

    Showroom Displays

    The best way to entice the consumer and sell more product.
Explore Further

Norton Clipper Construction Distribution Market Catalog – 7719

A full range of products for the construction market including abrasives, diamond blades, equipment, core drills and bits.

Norton Clipper Battery Pack Flyer - 8879

Designed to enhance the productivity of the 9" cordless portable saw, the Norton Clipper battery pack line offers a wide range of product to cover any job, whether cutting indoors or outside on the construction site.

Norton Clipper CST Series Saw Flyer - 8817

The CST Series is designed to handle heavier and larger materials than a traditional masonry or tile saw for precision cutting of masonry, stone, flooring, and tile products.

Norton Clipper C914P Compact Push Saw Flyer - 8818

With extreme reliability, portability, and strong performance, the full featured Norton Clipper C914P walk-behind saw is redefining the compact concrete saw class.
Norton Infiltrated High-Density Technology Diamond Blade Brochure-8563

Norton Infiltrated High-Density Technology Diamond Blade Brochure-8563

A patented technology with longer diamond blade life, faster cutting power, increased safety, and lower energy required for a high-quality result.

Norton Clipper 4X4 Diamond Blade Flyer – 8840

The Norton Clipper 4X4 Premium High-Speed Diamond Blade is an excellent blend of performance and price, designed for a better cut rate and finish.