The Norton Clipper Product Line
  • Features-SpeedCart

    Norton Clipper SPEEDY CART

    Find out why SPEEDY CART is the perfect accessory for cut-off machine users.
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  • Features-DiamondBlades

    Norton Clipper Diamond Blades

    See the new additions to the Norton Clipper line of asphalt diamond blades.
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  • Features-iHD

    iHD Technology

    Explore the innovative diamond blade and cup grinder technology designed to save you time and money.
  • Features-GC55

    GC55 Vacuum Solution

    The best early entry saw just got better with the new addition of a vacuum attachment system.
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Want to Talk to a Norton Rep?
Leave us your information and we’ll reach out.

Want to talk to a Norton rep?

Leave us your information and we’ll reach out.

  • Showcase-FullPrint-Blades

    Full Print Diamond Blades

    Check out the new technology.
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  • Showcase-VisualIdentitiy

    Visual Identity

    Bright, bold, and orange for high visibility on the job site.
  • Showcase-Packaging


    Color coded by material and clearly marked with our diamond tiering.
  • Showcase-Tiering


    Clear choice of three product performance levels.
  • Showcase-Displays

    Showroom Displays

    The best way to entice the consumer and sell more product.
Explore Further

Norton Clipper High-Speed Electric Saw Flyer - 8622

The Norton Clipper CE414-350SS electric high-speed hand-held saw is stronger than the competition. Its powerful 4.2HP motor delivers on the jobsite with a fast cut and ease of operator use.

Norton Clipper Silencio Charger Diamond Blade Flyer - 8764

Designed with a more economical silent core, serrated segment shape, and longer life formula, the Norton Clipper Silencio Charger diamond blade is the perfect solution when working in sound sensitive areas.

Norton Clipper SPEEDY CART Flyer - 8762

A must have high-speed saw cutting accessory, the Norton Clipper SPEEDY CART is the last cart you need to get the job done.

Norton Clipper New Diamond Blades Flyer - 8775

Norton has expanded their Clipper line of diamond blades with the addition of two new Classic walk behind blade sizes, as well as a new VALUPLUS ASPHALT high-speed blade.