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Flyer - Diamond Blades - Silencio - 8123

Norton Clipper Silencio Diamond Blades Flyer - 8123

Defying everything you’ve heard before, the Norton Clipper Silencio family of diamond blades takes sound dampening to another level by reducing noise up to 15 dB(A).
Norton 4X4 Max Cut Diamond Blades Flyer - 8352

Norton 4X4 Max Cut Diamond Blades Flyer - 8352

The next generation of our original 4X4, the 4X4 Max Cut raises the bar in cutting performance with its innovative design that allows one blade to tackle multiple jobs for maximum productivity with less blade changes.
Flyer - Diamond Blades - Slicer - Turbo Mesh - 8929

Norton Clipper Slicer Turbo Mesh Diamond Blade Flyer - 8929

The unique mesh segment of our new Slicer Turbo Mesh diamond blades are designed for fast cutting and minimal chipping on extra hard ceramics, porcelain, and other hard/dense materials.
Flyer - Diamond Blades - Aero Jet - 7766

Norton Clipper Aero-Jet Diamond Blade Flyer - 7766

The new innovative design of the Norton Clipper Aero-Jet diamond blade allows for very fast, smooth cutting for hard materials.

Norton Clipper CST Series Saw Flyer - 8817

The CST Series is designed to handle heavier and larger materials than a traditional masonry or tile saw for precision cutting of masonry, stone, flooring, and tile products.

Norton Clipper Construction Distribution Market Catalog – 7719

A full range of products for the construction market including abrasives, diamond blades, equipment, core drills and bits.