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Farécla G360 Polishing System Flyer - 8802

Farécla G360 Super Fast Compound and Finish is a radical new polishing system developed to eliminate the need for expensive finer grit abrasives.
Norton Automotive Aftermarket Refinishing Products Mini Catalog - 7545

Norton Automotive Aftermarket Refinishing Products Mini Catalog - 7545

A condensed version of our line of automotive aftermarket products, including abrasives, masking products, adhesives, sealers, coatings, body fillers, and refinishing products.
Norton Black Ice Waterproof Sheets Flyer - 7654

Norton Black Ice Waterproof Sheets Flyer - 7654

Our advanced coating technique utilizes a premium performance grain on a totally waterproof, curl-resistant backing to allow a consistent scratch pattern.
Norton AA Retail Line Flyer - 8613

Norton AA Retail Line Flyer - 8613

We’ve taken the guesswork out of making a simpler, right choice at the GRIT GUIDE point-of-purchase by putting together a comprehensive, color-coded, retail-packaged line of auto body refinishing products.

Norton Blue Wrap Protective Plastic Flyer - 8856

Norton seat, steering wheel, and multi-purpose parts covers and floor mats reduce cross contamination between vehicles and protect technicians and customers against the spread of disease.

Norton File Belt Tool Kit Flyer - 8859

Designed for the collision repair market, the Norton File Belt Tool Kit pairs the highest quality abrasive belts and file belt tool together in a durable, convenient carrying case.

Norton Mini Angle Sander Flyer - 8751

Get to those hard-to-reach areas and finish the job fast with the Norton Mini Angle Sander, ideal for deburring, sanding, blending, and finishing applications.

Norton Flap Discs - Blaze and BlueFire Minis - Flyer 8671

Fast and tough meets small and mighty! Save time, labor, and money. Norton Mini Flap discs eliminate the conventional 2-step process in grinding edges and removing welds and rust.
TIM brochure


TIM information technology application enables collision repair shops to optimize management of repair materials, helping the shop to lower costs, streamline repair processes and improve profitability.