Mounting Diamond or Abrasive Blades

The days of passing on knowledge from journeyman to apprentice are often replaced with on-the-job training. Regardless of how you receive your worksite knowledge, safety is still a paramount consideration and must remain top of mind. Correctly mounting your diamond or abrasive blade is no exception.


High Speed Gas Sawl

How to Mount A Cutting Blade 

Note: Before mounting any blade on the saw, the blade should be inspected for any damage that might have occurred during shipment, handling or previous use.

  1. Using the blade shaft wrench supplied with the equipment, loosen and remove the blade shaft bolt and remove collar. 
  2. Be sure blade shaft collar and arbor are free of dirt or residue before mounting blade on the shaft. 
  3. Place the blade on the arbor. 
  4. Attach loose collar and tighten the blade shaft bolt securely. 
  5. When tightening bolt against outside blade shaft collar, be sure to tighten enough to hold the blade firmly without slipping, but do not over tighten. EXCESSIVE TIGHTENING CAN CAUSE AN ABRASIVE BLADE TO FRACTURE.
  6. TIGHTENING AN ABRASIVE BLADE AGAINST AN UNEVEN SURFACE COULD FRACTURE THE BLADE or cause blade to run out of alignment, causing excessive blade wear, and/or unsafe sawing conditions.


Taking care of yourself and your tools will help make sure you and your tools are tackling jobs as long as possible.