Norton Clipper Saws & Core Drills

Norton Clipper equipment delivers performance that’s a cut above the rest. Our saws and core drills are made to withstand the demands of the roughest materials including concrete, masonry, and tile.

Explore our full range to find the size and power levels to meet the needs of your jobsite.

High-Speed Saws

If you’re tired of saws that stall out or choke, Norton Clipper High-Speed Saws are specifically designed for endurance. Available in both gas and electric models.

Walk-Behind Flat Saws

From self-propelled saws to push saws, 35 HP to 5.5 HP, Norton Clipper flat saws will fit almost any small to mid-range job.

Masonry Saws

All saws in our Norton Clipper Blockbuster masonry line have a twist-resistant frame and effortless cutting-depth positioning to ensure every job goes smoothly. Available in large, mid, and mini tabletop models.

Tile Saws

Powerful and lightweight, Norton Clipper tile saws can handle any size job and are designed to be easily transportable for the professional or DIYer.

Core Drills

Norton Clipper core drills are your trouble-free solution, delivering strong, stable performance. These core drills come in free-standing rig and hand-held models, from 25 amps to 15 amps, to ensure you have the right fit for your job.


What’s Changed?

We have kept the established nomenclature of BBM, CP500, etc. and converted to a new color scheme with new branding decals and striping. The new look is a contemporary styling with a brighter orange and added pop of blue. Now, more easily recognizable on the jobsite too.

We Make it Easy

You can count on Norton Clipper to ensure you always have access to easy maintenance and guides for troubleshooting. See our how-to videos, complete list of service centers, and owner’s manual and parts list for support.