Norton i-HD Diamond Blade and Cup Grinder Technology

iHD Technology

If you're cutting concrete, stone, or tile your diamond blades or cup grinders take a beating and can be expensive to replace. You need a product that is going to give you a fast, comfortable cut with less vibration that will outlast other diamond products on the market. 

See how Norton diamond blades and cup grinders with Norton Infiltrated High Density Technology (iHD) will deliver a professional result and ultimately save you money and time on the job site with a 40% higher cut rate and a 20% improvement in the life of the blade versus the competition.


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The Norton iHD technology combined with its laser welded patented process is the biggest breakthrough in Diamond Tools this century. Through many years of research and development this revolutionary process provides our customers with unrivalled performance, increased safety, lower energy manufacturing and a wider-choice of segment design.

Norton iHD Diamond Blade Technology Improves Cutting PerformanceUnique Patented Laser Welding with Infiltrated Segments

Infiltration achieves high uniform density across each whole segment without applying high pressure (like the standard process). This allows Norton to manufacture very robust segments which wear evenly, remain intact and perform faster at higher cutting speeds.

The diamond is an integral part of the segment structure. During the patented process a special bond impregnates the capillaries of the core structure and binds the diamond into the segment. This ensures optimum use of the diamond, giving the diamond blades and cup grinders a longer life.

The simplified process also means increased segment design flexibility resulting in greater diversification of diamond segment shapes to best suit applications and materials being cut.