Made By Me - Tijuana, Mexico

Video Transcript:

In fast-growing Tijuana, Mexico lies a Norton facility renowned for making some of the world's finest sanding products. The employees you'll find there are the true heart and soul of the business. As we walk a day in their shoes, it's clear that standards are high as is the attention to detail, ensuring that our most technical customers in transportation, aerospace, and life sciences can meet the high tolerances and rigid demands required of them. There's no sanding product too large or too small, from inventions like the first flap wheel to everyday products like flap discs, quick change discs, and belts; the Tijuana team ensures high quality craftsmanship is put into every package.

Teamwork is apparent at every turn, from management to floor supervisors and those putting the final touches on each product. Each employee plays their part in the family to ensure your success – whether it's blue fire flap discs, onyx belts, or anything in between, each product is made, packaged, and shipped with the customer in mind. Our passion is to build the products that fuel your passion. It's all in a day's work here; as shifts come to a close and the team changes over, there's a new crew ready to tackle the work at hand. It's pride, it's passion, it's tradition. That's Norton – reshaping your world one factory at a time.

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