Norton Abrasives Drywall Sanding Tools

Video Transcript


The new Norton line‑up drywall tools are designed with the user in mind; durable, professional grade tools that make sanding drywall easier and faster, resulting in a perfect finish to apply paint. Many other tools use clamps or sticky backings which are awkward and time consuming.

The Norton tools feature a hook and loop design, meaning no clamps to fumble with. Just the quick, on‑off for paper changes. Even then you won't be changing the paper very often because the no‑fill coating on the paper minimizes loading for longer life with a finer, swirl‑free finish.

And, the light‑weight flexible backing won't dig in and leave gouges. The ultimate combination for a smooth, flat surface ready for painting, the ergonomic handle from Norton lets you sand with comfort. The non‑slip grip allows for better control in cushioning of the hand, meaning less sanding fatigue.

Norton knows one size does not fit all. We offer three tools for use on a variety of drywall sanding applications. The inside corner sander tool makes fast work of flattening and smoothing compound on inside corners, leaving a straight surface with no waves or ripples.

The nine‑inch diameter disc sander tool covers more surface area and is perfect for sanding and feathering wide seams, butt joints and outside corners. The round design prevents flipping and gouging like standard drywall sanding tools.

The third sheet sander is ideal for both hard to reach areas and small touch up areas like screw holes and patches. The quick change handle allows the standard handle to be easily changed to the optional pole adapter that works with any standard three‑quarter inch threaded pole.

This increases the versatility of all the tools allowing them to sand larger areas and reach taller walls, seals and staircases. A unique line of drywall sanding tools from Norton that makes sanding easier.

Norton Abrasives, sanding made easier.