Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Prep RF A/O Belts - Backstand

Video Transcript


Putting a flawless, decorative, or functional finish on metal surfaces requires a practiced hand and a bit of patience. Norton Rapid Prep RF A/O Belts, used on a backstand, will make the process go smoothly and quickly.

The belts come in a variety of grit sizes, including coarse, medium, fine, and very fine. Flexible and easy to handle, the belts install on the backstand in a matter of seconds.

The finishing process begins with the coarse grit belt, deburring, and leveling down the edges of the plate. Next is the medium grit belt, offering a higher level of finishing. On to the fine grit, with an even more delicate touch, and completing the job with the very fine grit.

From beginning to completion, this process is used for metal, finished, and countless products. Decorative door plate is just one example. Norton belts hold up even under the heaviest of use.

Engineered with the proprietary Clean Bond technology, Rapid Prep belts will not smear finished surfaces, no matter how many steps in the process. Norton Rapid Prep RF A/O products save time on the replacement of worn‑out belts, which translates into faster finishing times and better cost savings.

Norton Bear‑Tex. Better life. Better finish. Better by design.