Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Prep RF Belts - Benchstand Grinder

Video Transcript


A benchstand is an excellent tool for finishing metal pieces that have thin or rounded edges. The Norton Rapid Prep RF A/O Belt is perfect for just such applications. This narrow belt offers excellent usable surface area for finishing at various angles.

These uniquely strong and flexible belts are easy to install on any standard benchstand machine. The Clean Bond resin technology used in Norton Rapid Prep RF A/O Belts ensures better cutting and less shedding over the life of a belt, while also ensuring no smearing of the parts.

Competitive products shed constantly throughout the finishing process, losing cutting power with every pass. Norton belts, however, do not wear away as quickly, enabling better productivity. Even after heavy use, Norton belts maintain their integrity for a longer time, allowing for more work to be done on a single belt.

More consistent work time means faster completion of stainless steel parts for any number of applications including kitchen appliances, tables, and industrial counter spaces. Norton Bear‑Tex. Better life. Better finish. Better by design.