Norton Bear-Tex Rapid Prep XF and RF Belts - RAG Dynisher

Video Transcript


Welded metal pieces used in all manner of application can often require many steps to get that perfect blended finish. Norton XF and RF AO belts used on a right angle grinder, a finishing sander like the Dynabrade Dynisher, or on an inline sander like the Dynabrade Dynascrape ensures a perfect, smear free finish in less time than competitive products. The belts come in a variety of grit sizes including coarse, medium, fine, and very fine.

The finishing process begins with the coarse belt, blending the corners of the welded plates. Then onto the medium belt, the fine, and the very fine. For blending and finishing the entire surface of the plate, a Dynisher can now be brought in. As before, different grit sizes can be used depending on the required finish, coarse, then switching to medium. Note how easily the belt comes off, then slips onto the pneumatic wheel. More blending with the medium and fine belts, completing the process with the very fine. Complex jobs that require multiple steps and tools can easily get bogged down with extra time changing worn out belts.

Norton products hold up better than the competition, translating to faster finishing times, more productivity, and better overall cost savings.

Norton Bear‑Tex, better life, better finish, better by design.