Norton BearTex Non-Woven Abrasives Overview

Video Transcript


Until now, abrasives coated to a rigid paper or cloth backing were the product of choice for many industrial processes. Fortunately, many technology advancements are changing and giving customers better options.

As a leading manufacturer and supplier of performance engineered abrasives, Norton is driving these technology advancements with their Norton Bear‑Tex portfolio. These innovative, non‑woven surface finishing and surface conditioning products increase work speed and throughput, while reducing labor and energy requirements.

Starting with an open structure that resists loading on softer materials and integrating a proprietary Clean Bond resin technology, Norton provides a superior solution to the market that allows for excellent finishing and conditioning on hard materials like cast iron, stainless and carbon steel, nickel, and aerospace alloys, with enhanced surface performance.

The result is an unprecedented non‑woven product. The spring action conformability allows constant contact with the work surface for a uniform scratch pattern. The bond to material structure provides a longer product life with a consistent cut rate.

The Clean Bond resin technology ensures a smear free finish, increasing operational efficiency by eliminating a secondary process for improved efficiencies of variable costs.

Our Norton Vortex products, including Rapid Blend, Rapid Prep, and Rapid Finish, also feature a patented grain technology that cuts like a coarse grade but finishes like a fine, eliminating extra steps.

Our Norton Blaze products feature a patented abrasive that out‑performs competitive products up to eight times in more challenging operations. When you want a leader that provides cost savings to the bottom line, you want the technology innovations of Norton Bear‑Tex.