Norton Clipper 4X4 MaxCut Diamond Blades

Video Transcript


Man 1:  Norton is a world leader in equipment, diamond and abrasive products. We have a product for any application with a high‑quality brand you can trust.

Dependable performance and quality assurance is what every contractor asks for. The 4x4 Diamond Blade delivers all that and more. The laser‑welded, multi‑purpose design characteristics of the Norton 4x4 offer versatility and dry cutting a variety of materials, from concrete, reinforced concrete, building materials, angle iron, rebar, much more.

A specially tensioned blade core includes depth cut indicators that also act as directional arrows to ensure the blade is mounted correctly every time. The depth‑cut indicators provide the operator with two‑inch pass cutting, eliminating guesswork. Anti‑crack gullets allow the 4x4 to be used in the harshest conditions with reduced vibrations that typically damage blade cores and cause cracking.

The 4x4 is so universal on application coverage that it's the perfect solution for everyone. From municipalities to general concrete contractors, who need to move from one job to another without having to change a blade to get the job done.

Man 2:  The 4x4 is a quality blade with great speed and performance at a good price. It cuts cured concrete, block, brick, and steel with very little effort. The 4x4 has out‑performed any other general purpose blade we've ever tested.

Man 3:  My customers love the versatility of the 4x4 blade. They are now able to have one blade on the saw, and cut everything from concrete to block to rebar and steel pipe. They are able to increase productivity and decrease cost by only needing to carry the 4x4 for their cutting needs. I wish we had the 4x4 blades, when I was in the concrete business. Talk about making my life easier. This is a great blade at an exceptional price.

Man 1:  You've heard what people are saying. Need we say more? 4x4. Fast enough to get you on and off the job, tough enough to last.