Norton Clipper High-Speed Gas Saws

Video Transcript


Norton is a world leader in equipment, diamond, and abrasive products. We have a product for any application with a high quality brand you can trust.

Contractors worldwide tell us they need a high speed, cut‑off saw that will withstand the demands of today's job site. At Norton, we know that means raw, rugged power that truly delivers. Now, we have the answer.

The Norton Clipper CP500 Series gives you stress‑free starting, more durability, easy maintenance, better ergonomics, and unrelenting performance. And you can have it eco‑friendly.

No more fumbling around with a choke and that half throttle of other cut‑off saws. With the Norton Clipper handheld saw, there is no chock or half throttle. Instead, just turn the switch on, prime the engine, and press the decompression button, and you're up and running.

One, two, three, easy.

Forget about cold starts being a problem. Our machine's electro‑magnetic valve on the carburetor eliminates the choke and the electronic ignition module gives an instant throttle response. No more pre‑mixing or accidentally putting in the wrong fuel in the saw.

The Norton Clipper CP500 takes the guesswork out of the process. With the first of its kind innovation of iLube, the world's first patented automatic lubrication system gives new meaning to two‑stroke engines. Two reservoirs, one for straight fuel and the other for oil.

The electronically controlled pump directs the correct mixture, depending on the speed of the saw. One oil filling will last up to 20 straight fuel tank fillings.

Even if you can't remember when you last filled the oil, no worries. Our built‑in automatic sensor will shift the engine to idle if oil is low to aid against engine seizure because that's the last thing you need on the job.

Even the little things in basic design matter. Tough, like the Nikasil‑coated cylinder and two‑ring piston, the very same coating used in the Porsche 911 for smoother operation.

In the heavy‑duty starter world and the adjustable magnesium plate guard, for rigorous workouts without extra weight, and endurance with a Porsche two‑piece crankshaft and double row bearings in the three‑piece clutch system for positive engagement and longer saw life.

We're adding a lot of features, but we aren't adding weight. Our saw's lightweight with a full 5.4 horsepower engine, giving you all the power you need without giving you a backache.