Norton Clipper Large Road Saw Series

Video Transcript


Norton is a world leader in equipment, diamond, and abrasive products. We have a product for any application with a high quality brand you can trust.

Road construction and concrete service work demands a saw with versatility and proven performance. For more than 70 years, Norton Clipper has proven it has what it takes to tackle the biggest roads and hardest concrete with ease. The Norton Clipper C59 Large Road Saw is a compact powerhouse just right for the job.

The turbo‑charged, four‑cylinder Kubota 59 horsepower diesel engine powers the C59 series. A water‑cooled power plant meets the Interim Tier 4 Stage IIIA EPA in car requirements and provides hours of maintenance‑free cutting.

The heavy‑duty frame resists twisting and carries enough weight in the center to tear through cuts without loss of maneuverability. When it's time to transport this work horse, the Norton Clipper C59 space‑saving design affords room for other equipment and materials, but the compact design doesn't sacrifice accessibility or safety.

Equipped with removable rear and side panels, access is easy; and our blade system is top of the line in design. The blade is supported by a heavy‑duty blade shaft completely enclosed in an oil bath, which lengthens operational life.

For safety, the blade flange ensures a safely‑mounted blade for peak performance. The quick‑release blade flange system allows an operator to quickly get a blade out of a jam. Just remove the blade guard, then the outer flange, and finally, the shaft insert. Then simply pull the saw back away from the blade.

The quick‑change blade guard not only reduces downtime, but with its right on water system, the diamond blade also stays cool for faster cutting and extended blade life.

An ergonomic, clean, and spacious console allows easy‑to‑read gauges and dual controls for forward‑reverse and raise‑lower functions, all within arm's reach, while the multi‑positioning handle bars completes the package for comfortable operation.

Demanding job situations require options. The Norton Clipper three‑speed gear provides flexibility to dial into the job with multiple blade sizes and speeds. It's as easy as changing the blade, blade guard, and flange, pending the blade size. Then, shift gears to better performance.

Precision gears and a water cooling system on both sides of the gearbox housing ensure hours of productive cutting time.