Norton Clipper Self Propelled Flat Saws

Video Transcript


Norton is a world leader in equipment, diamond, and abrasive products. We have a product for any application with a high quality brand you can trust.

If you need a heavy duty versatile saw, but you don't need it every day, our mid‑range, self‑propelled saw series offers you the right selection. Durable enough to withstand harsh construction environments, light enough for easy maneuvering, and compact enough to fit into any service truck or trailer.

These easy to use saws are perfect for green concrete cutting, small to midsize concrete work, and rental houses servicing the general public.

For more power to the blade and faster cutting, the C35 is the ideal choice, featuring a Vanguard 35 horsepower gasoline engine. The 13 and 20 horsepower self‑propelled saws are options for small concrete work and rental house facilities.

The C35 includes many of the same features of our larger saws, while offering the major benefit of having the following features. Removable panels for easy operator access, in the field or at the shop, for preventative maintenance. Clean spacious and ergonomic console with multi positioning handle bars for extra comfort while cutting.

A blade supported by a heavy duty blade shaft that is completely enclosed in an oil bath, adding longer life and many hours of maintenance free operation. A quick change blade guard with ride‑on water system. This ensures the diamond blade stays cool, extending blade life, and makes cutting faster.

Just like our service saws, the C35 series has the same quick release blade flange system, which allows an operator to quickly get a blade out of a jam. Just remove the blade guard, then the outer flange, and finally the shaft insert. Then, simply pull the saw back away from the blade.

The Norton Clipper C35 is only one of several models of midsize self‑propelled saws in our line to help increase job sight productivity. Fast enough to get you on and off the job. Tough enough to last.