Norton Clipper Service Saw Series

Video Transcript


Norton is a world leader in equipment, diamond, and abrasive products. We have a product for any application, with a high quality brand you can trust.

In today's fast‑paced world, road and service work requires that you get on and off the job as quickly as possible. For over 70 years, Norton Clipper has been manufacturing the highest quality roadwork equipment to do just that, while also offering increased productivity and safety.

With gas or diesel engine options, interchangeable parts, advanced safety features, and operator comfort built in, the Norton Clipper Mid‑Range Service all lineup is cutting through the competition with features and options.

Choose from three different power‑ [indecipherable 0:53] engines ‑‑ the Kubota 44‑horsepower water‑cooled, turbocharged diesel engine that meets the Interim Tier 4/Stage IIIA EPA and carb requirements; the Deutz 31‑horsepower, three‑cylinder diesel engine for lighter duty, or the Hyundai 48‑horsepower, gasoline engine for maximum power.

These engines are powerful, but they're designed for maneuverability, with a balanced platform design that places the weight down, just right for quick and efficient cutting, plus a robust transactional differential. We've made sure these power horses don't get out of control.

In fact, we've even designed a clean, spacious, ergonomic console with easy‑to‑read gages and dual controls for forward or reverse and raise/lower in service works applications, plus multi‑positioning handlebars for ultimate comfort while cutting and up‑ramp loading.

Easy maintenance is critical to getting the job done fast. Ever watched someone try to figure out how to get the panels off a saw for maintenance or change of blade? Typically, it can be cumbersome, but the Norton Clipper Service Saws change that.

Equipped with removable rear and side panels, access is easy. Our blade system is top‑of‑the‑line in design. The blade is supported by a heavy‑duty blade shaft completely enclosed in an oil bath, which lengthens operational life.

For safety, the blade flange ensures a safely‑mounted blade for peak performance and the quick‑release blade flange system allows an operator to quickly get a blade out of a jam. Just remove the blade guard, then the outer flange, and finally the shaft insert.

Then, simply pull the saw back away from the blade. The quick‑change blade guard not only reduces downtime, but with its ride‑on water system, the diamond blade also stays cool for faster cutting and extended blade life.

Reduce your fleet and increase production with a three‑speed gearbox option that provides the flexibility to move a single saw to different applications. From green cutting to panel work and more, the gearbox option is as easy as changing the blade, blade guard and flanges, [indecipherable 3:20] the blade size. Then a simple gear shift and you are ready to cut.

Whether it's a patch job, green concrete cutting, small job, or mid‑sized roadwork, the Norton Clipper Service Saw Series provides the perfect choice.

Fast enough to get you on and off the job. Tough enough to last.