Norton Rapid Finish Convolute Wheels Video

Video Transcript


For as long as you can remember, convolute wheels have been a sea of gray, and choosing the right wheel was never simple. It's time to inject some color. With Norton, it's no longer as convoluted as you think. Through market feedback, the line has been re‑engineered to not only make it easier to sort by color, but also to exceed performance expectations.

The new maroon‑colored general purpose line is specifically constructed to meet 80 percent of the needs of most production shops, providing the ultimate combination of life, cut, and smear‑free finish. What's more, our new fiberglass cores are also color‑coded to indicate abrasive type, making identification and selection foolproof.

Trust in Norton, and the new Rapid Finish General Purpose Wheel, for the best value and broadest versatility for your production needs.

Life is not meant to be a sea of gray. You can now view it in true color, with Norton.